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Beauty Saloon And Spa

TRI partners with India’s no.1 Saloon- Naturals to gift you ultimate relaxation in globally acclaimed branded saloons with magnificent spa services, regaling environment with finest massages and indulgent treatments. With the vision to establish beauty salons across the GCC region, we together serve beauty services to women of Arab and other nationalities . Our mission in discovering the secret of life that leads to serenity and contentment is continuous .We offer the best facility and ambience to our clients and customers equipped with high quality products, professional staff and friendly environment.


Consumer Product Business

TRI has proven expertise in areas of Fast Moving Consumer Goods by generating and achieving quick results with consistent growth. Our tailor-made approach and high quality deliverables have cemented our credibility as the best partner for market expansion services (MES), providing a wide choice of marketing and sales opportunities TRI, the pioneer in helping Consumer product companies with strategies, demanding high levels of collaboration to develop business , aligns with global brands to deliver a strong experience between consumers and customers. Our intrusive market plan for any consumer product begins from sourcing, market research & analysis, Sales & distribution, logistics to after sales services. We follow solid strategies to translate your global brands for each local market. Sales and key market knowledge Presence of established distribution networks in both urban and rural areas Successful experience with business associates and leading personal care brand distributions Manage relationships with multiple local retailers Excellent Category and sub category exposure Brand sales developments (ATL and BTL)



We are proud to have been the partners of choice to the world’s leading hospitality providers and Restaurant groups.  Unravelling authentic cuisines, we have chosen the unique chain of Restaurants, for foodies all over the world with delightful and appealing Services. TRI  brings to you the flavours of eastern region with special emphasis on anticipating guest needs and building excellence in what they serve. Together, our mission is to create a dining experience whose uniqueness lies in its elegance and refinement which is brought alive by caring and personalized service in a warm and vibrant environment. 



TRI is proud to be the first leading company in Middle East that specializes in providing modern lighting services and production on a turn key basis. We offer unique and high quality lighting services and design exclusively to create the perfect ambience and memorable moment for your guests.


The Group

TRI- The Retailers Investment proudly commences its collaboration with Falak holdings, one of the largest conglomerates based in the United Arab Emirates. We have a joint vision of diversified interests in real estate development, exhibitions and trade fair management, sports development, sporting goods retailing, medical diagnostics, and retail franchising.

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